OWNER / coach / instructor

Danny grew up in the rough neighborhood of Bridgeport, chicago. growing up he played many other sports, but he truly committed to wresting in high school. Danny began his mixed martial arts journey back in 2008 under the very respected dion riccardo, and with time has earned his way to black belt under his system. he has competed in advanced jiu jitsu competitions and mma at the amateur and professional levels. he now coaches and trains fighters at both tiers, and has now made a name for himself and his system through the development of high level competitors.



Owner / instructor / fighter

Anna Began her martial arts journey under her husband Danny in 2014. before she had their daughter, she competed in submission grappling, and had her first fight, just 1 year following the birth of their daughter Reagan. anna established a name for herself in the local amateur atomweight division for her ground game and resiliency. she holds a purple belt under her husband’s new founded system. anna is keen on teaching and encouraging proper fundamentals and finds joy in teaching the children at intercept mma.